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in octomber 2014, the coil cutting line are exported to South Africa.
信息来源: 发布时间:[2015-6-29]

In April 2014, the first time the customer come from as far away as South Africa to Zhongcheng company in hangzhou, from to visit the plant, equipment, communication equipment knowledge, common faults, and all kinds of incurable diseases, to the final signing orders and receive the deposit, freight, delivery, acceptance, at the end of the assigned debugging installation and use of training and other professional and technical personnel. For nearly six months, the product finally in October 2015 and effective to be used in South Africa.
The South Africa purchased models of ZC - 1200 B coil cutting line, that mainly for: tin, black iron, TFS, aluminum tinplate, etc., mainly used for sheet metal packaging material.
Company send professional and technical engineer who overcame the language, diet, and climate differences, and many other issues, and hard work in the foreign country so far away, and through the operating personnel and they established a deep friendship, to won the customer's trust and praise.

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