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In june 2015, the coil cutting line are exported to Argentina
信息来源: 发布时间:[2015-6-29]

In March 2015, our company exports a full set of sheet metal cutting line to get into operation in Argentina of South America.
Argentina is the union of South American nations, the g20 members and Latin America's third largest economy. Argentina is a strong comprehensive national strength is one of the developing countries in the world, this project will help to speed up the pace of my company to deep into South America market.
This set of models for ZC - 1200 D sheet metal cutting line, suitable for tinplate, aluminum precision cut or cut, include cutter machine, feeding cart, uncoiler, the mirror inspector, high precision leveling machine, needle detector, precise wave cutter machine, fast changing die set device,  aggregate table, electrical control system, test bench, etc.All key components such as control system, hydraulic components and bearing is used by the international famous brand.
Zhongcheng send professional and technical engineers for clients factory to operate and training to win the market.


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