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In june 2015, Hangzhou Zhongcheng Machine take part in the World Canmaking Congress in Guangzhou.
信息来源: 发布时间:[2015-6-29]

in 2015 June 1 to June 4, as the sheet metal cutting industry leader, with independent import and export rights, Zhongcheng machinery co., LTD. appeared on the fifth in the world canmaking comgress industrial exhibition.For this exhibition, prepared in Zhongcheng machinery company: in advertising company, to make more overseas customers friends, understand the condition of the international market demand for high-end products at the same time, also for the company itself to more overseas orders.
ZhongCheng machine company has established the international trade department, equipped with a special organization to develop the international market, the international influence of expanding the international market as an important window and platform of the exhibition.Through the exhibition, products enter the international market rapidly, and widely recognized by foreign merchants.At present, in the sincere machinery company's products have been exported to South Africa, Argentina, the Philippines, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Middle East, central Asia countries and regions, deeply getting the general customers’ approval.





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