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In june 2015,the coil cutting line are exported to kazakhstan.
信息来源: 发布时间:[2015-7-8]

  In June 2015, Zhongcheng’s coil cutting line was exported to Kazakhstan.
  Kazakhstan is a landlocked country located in the central Asia, is also the world's largest land-country. Main imports: machinery, equipment and other (40%), believe that there are more potential in the central Asian country that  land area ranked ninth in the world.
The set of models for ZC - 1200 E coil cutting line, applicable to the tinplate, aluminum etc metal sheet coil uncoiling, leveling, pinhole detection, high precision wave cutter.It effectively reduce the loss of the tinplate, aluminum cover industry to reduce the production cost of important equipment. To ensure the  line smooth production, our technical engineers work hard to  install and debug the line.They overcame the language, diet, and climate differences, and many other issues, and hard work on their land, and the operating personnel and established a deep friendship, they repeatedly over and over to the international friends of training equipment use and maintenance method.
with this strongly responsibility, we try our best to service each customer for each project, so just have our strong position in the domestic and international market, in order to let us win more customers trust.

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