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60SPM Scroll Sheeting Lines or Coil Cutting Lines

The lines are wildly used for Scroll shearing or cutting, straighting, pinhole inspecting,etc.,to reduce material waist and save money.

Model: ZC-1200A
Material Requirments: Tinplate, Backplate, TFS, and Aluminum in tempers normally associated with standard can making materials
Control System: Mitsubishi CNC System, ensuring accuracy and durability

1)Max line speed: 50m/min
2)Max cutting speed: 60SPM
3)Strip width range: 500-1200mm
4)Strip thickness range: 0.125-0.525mm
5)Strip length range: 500-1200mm
6)Max coil weight: 12 T
7)Coil I.D.: 420mm or 480mm, easily changeable
8)Mandrel expansion range: 385-520mm
9)Max Coil O.D.: 1800mm
10)Max Coil weight: 2000kg
11)Max Coil height: 460mm (including stand)
12)Pinhole detector sensitivity: Φ0.015mm-Φ0.15mm
13)Straight or wave cutting are workable, 20 minutes for cutting die
14)Burrs: ≤0.02mm
15)Length tolerance range: ≤±0.15mm
16)Diagonal tolerance range: ≤±0.18mm/1000mm
17)Total power consumption: 35KW
18)Space needed: 19m x 2.5m; 7m width for un-coiler part with coil turner
19)All pit-free design, easy for line installation
20)Cutting quantity: about 8,500T per year (if run 2000hours)

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